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    Orgone Energy Devices:

    • What is Orgonite? Orgonite is a metaphysical tool made of resin, crystals and metals that creates Orgone energy also known as Chi, Prana of Life Force Energy. (Google Wilhelm Reich, Carl Weltz and Don Croft to go down the rabbit hole) Each item is handmade and created with high grade crystals to ensure the best quality product possible. The main function of an Orgone Generator is cleaning stagnant and toxic energy, but others have reported many more benefits, which include:
      • Transmuting harmful EMF radiation
      • Better and restful sleep
      • Decreased anxiety and stress
      • Increase in psychic abilities
      • Vivid and lucid dreams with better dream recall
      • Purifies and charges water
      • Increases plant growth
      • Over all feeling of happiness and well being
    • I received my Orgone energy device - what now? Upon arrival you should set an intention for the Orgone (if you ordered an open intention piece), smudge with sage and palo santo to cleanse the energy and find the perfect spot for it, but remember to keep it out of reach of animals and small children. Please allow a few days to acclimate the energy with your own. Orgone energy can be overwhelming at first if you are sensitive.
    • What does open intention mean? An open intention piece simply means its been left open for the new owner to self for themselves versus being programmed for prosperity or health. They will be labeled as such and contain my standard recipe of crystals that I feel called to use, which includes: Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite, Blue Kyanite, Amethyst, Elite Shungite, Black Tourmaline and Snowflake Obsidian.
    • How do I set an intention? It's super easy to set an intention and you can change it as often as you like. I like to smudge the piece first and then hold it in my hands with my eyes closed I'll ask that with gratitude that my higher self, guides and angels help clear the energy and set the new intention. Intention is everything so envision the end goal, feel the emotions, say an affirmation and let the Universe do the rest.
    • How do customs work? Ordering a custom piece means I create something specifically for YOU and have your highest good in mind at all times. All I need from you after you purchase a listing is 1-3 intents depending on what each listing recommends and a rough set of colors you like! Alternatively, if you don't have colors you like or having a hard time deciding, I will use Chromotherapy/Color Therapy to choose the appropriate ones. Then, during the creation process, I first cleanse my space before asking that my Higher Self, Guides and Angels as well as yours be with me to create your piece for the Highest good of all involved. With their help, I then choose the appropriate crystals for the intent of the piece I’m creating and proceed to do a meditation to ensure I am of the highest vibration possible upon creation. 
    • Where should I keep it? It's helpful to place the Orgone in locations you frequent often and have an intention set for. An example would be a piece made for dreaming next to your bed, protection for your car, or a piece for stress/prosperity at your desk. I have them in my car, under and next to my bed, at my desk, next to my fresh fruit, on top of the refrigerator, buried in my dog's bed, next to the bath tub and even in my garden. 
    • What is the extra piece I received? I try to include free gifts with every order as my way of saying thank you. I have been known to send crystals, four leaf clovers, or even free pieces of Orgone that will usually include Quartz, Selenite, Moonstone, Blue Kyanite, Elite Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Snowflake Obsidian and Iron Oxide.
    • How can I charge and cleanse my piece? I always suggest cleansing and charging as often as possible. In the past I've noticed they can start to feel less potent after transmuting harmful energy for a length of time. The devices will work better and stay charged if you make sure to smudge with white sage and charge with palo santo and plenty of moonlight (a little sunshine is good too) in a window sill - especially with the New and Full Moons. I do not recommend burying them as some do with crystals as it could affect the resins appearance. If you purchase a piece solely for gifting, then feel free to use them as you like as long as its for the highest good of all.
    • Please note: These pieces have a lot of energy in them and have even been known to jump out of my own hands. It can take up to a week to calibrate the energy of the Orgonite with your own, so please be sure to clear the piece and even say a prayer if you like asking to calibrate the energy for your own healing. Some users have reported having a hard time sleeping after putting tan Orgone Generator in their room - if this happens you still need more time collorbrating the energy and I would suggest keeping it in a different room until. You can slowly move it into your room further away and then try next to your bed.

     Shipping Info: 

    • We ship to mostly anywhere in the world via USPS  - one day a week - usually Monday's or Friday's, but it can change days depending on the week. Please contact me if you need your order by a certain date.
    • We are not responsible for lost, or stolen, packages.
    • International orders are gladly accepted.
    • We are super careful when packing orders and do everything we can to make sure they arrive safe and meet all of your expectations.
    • We try to re-purpose/re-use all of the packing materials we receive, so please excuse the packaging if its mismatched material. Mother Earth is more important than cohesive packaging.

    Refunds, Exchanges, and Cancellation Policies:

    • We can not offer refunds, cancellations or exchanges on any Orgone art, jewelry, or crystal specimens due to the energetic nature of the item - please read all of the details and if you would like additional photos or a video of a piece prior to purchasing, do not hesitate to ask! For videos, please DM me on Instagram @hoodxhippie
    • We pack everything very carefully with tons of re-purposed packing materials to ensure a safe delivery so it's unlikely that anything will arrive broken, but if it were to happen then I will gladly fix the piece for you and ship it back to you, free of charge.
    • Each item is hand crafted and completely different from the next – sometimes there can be artistic differences like air bubbles that do not affect the energy of the piece and I will always try to photograph anything included in this and make note of it on the listing as well.

    Collaborations, Wholesale and Consignment:

    • I am not currently looking for promoters, but if you wish to collaborate on some art or want to be a promoter send all inquiries to my Instagram @hoodxhippie
    • I really wish I could offer both consignment and wholesale, but unfortunately I am not a machine and the creations take precious time to create. I do not offer consignment options, but I will consider wholesale in certain cases depending on the situation and my order load at the time. Please click the contact tab for inquiries.